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manufacture—the process being altogether too intricate and peculiar to be communicated

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convalescence was insane with a deceptive form of insanity. A certain

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to understand how movement might be communicated to the trachea by

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tier de Ribes' Balloon. Transactions of the Obstetrical Society,

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supplying a nervous diathesis. In treatment he regards with special

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Color, mycelium white or gray, conidial heads olive green; reverse of colony brown;

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return of the hernia at the seat of the first operation, and no

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of Mr. Spencer, is that it suffers no perceptible diminution in its power by time

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minishes eroited action, induces weariness of muscle, general nervous

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remarked) that part of the external popliteal nerve which lies under cover of

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6 Ibid., Qs. 64-9, 23253-6, 24155-499, and Appendix No. xvi. t> \

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severe, etc. The bath should be continued through the

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Among such affections may be included : persistent violent palpitation of

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suitable stimulants. On the day following she became decidedly

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Case VI. Summary. — Headache, fever, lethargy, diplopia,

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the diaphragm was 399, in the loin, 291, in the neck,

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continuous currents have been employed in various ways,

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manifestations ; usually, however, very curious and pronounced symp-

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