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to the tortures of an ill-fitting truss, the ball of which invariably chafes
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at Madison, July 31, with an attendance of about 35.
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with the good health and energy of the individual sanitarian.
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Lind’s posthumous victory. Of special interest is that
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power to issue diplomas. That is the organic law under which
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cannot be very rare, as I have met with the four cases re-
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these, viz., the etiology and communicabilily of leprosy;
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Cruise, and their various modifications, are no bet-
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of one week the extent of the infiltration began to diminish, but the
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present which was the cause of the impaction of the lump of vegetable.
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repeatedly coughed during the latter part of the operation,
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rent of 1,640 volts was sent through the body for four
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Thus we may regard the increased elimination of chlorides, espe-
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the disease, remembering that the inflammation generally
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gens, with periodic progestin withdrawal, to prevent
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VIII. The nature of leukolysin and the manner of its production.
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different persons were attacked varied exceedingly, some exhibiting
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the whole surface of the cork with a brush. Sometimes the cement,
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zations undertaking any kind of welfare work involving public health
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forms a uniform firmly adherent paste. {Deutsche Med. Wochen-
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national waste and disgrace, still remains in statu quo,
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in one-half of the cases of perforation if the severe cases are
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for her cure she must consult a particular healer or