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of the liver ; in some instances this condition may be
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of the carotid and temporal arteries, or vertigo, — we cannot, in fact,
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knee. Repeated blows produced a fracture through the lower third, the
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malnutrition of skin. For the first one or two weeks a
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The liver, kidneys, and other abdominal viscera are congested. Fre-
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lation of inflammatory products and softening of tissue, with consequent
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By its use the familiar gingivitis is usually cured in about six days, while the
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body is made up of the five elements of which all matter is
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and endocarditis ; treatment, sudorifics opiates saline purga-
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Pen compared with pasture feeding. — At the Utah Station, Linfield*
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flask put 10 grms. casein (commercial), add 250 c.c. of distilled water.
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generous for a low diet, and sometimes wholesome for
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the other members of the family, as well as cure the one affected.
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have not far to go for an explanation, for we find that
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was not indicated and a hypodermic of morphin, grain one-
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kynurenic acid output was associated with augmented endogenous