Discussion of the report was postponed to a general meeting on April White River, Vt., Medical Association has society, or organization physician, or agree to do any medical or surgical work for any club, society, or organization at a less rate than the regular or customary charges for like services rendered by other physicians in the same locality for patients not members of club,.society, or organization; also that in no case shall any physician agree to attend the families of comprar the members of such club, society, or organization at half price or a less price than the regular rate.

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Irritation of the stomach, as shown by impairment of digestion and slight malnutrition, that, contrary to his custom, the urotropin was administered on to an empty stomach.

Amann believes that vaginal instead of abdominal operations are often murah performed because abdominal ruptures are feared. A certain amount of the bile which has been mg administered per OS passes through the stomach into the intestinal canal and there helj)s in the digestion of all food- stuffs.


Notwithstanding all these difficulties and drawbacks, it is extremely desirable that of every case of paralysis be carefully and accurately examined for general sensation; for our knowledge of the location of the sensory centres is at the present day much less definite than that of the motor centres.