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compatible germicides, or alternately. It should be

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relapse. It is indicated by a deep dusky hue of the face, lividity

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the Rat-flea (Ceratophyllus fasciatus),"" ' Proc. Zool. Soc,"

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cholera sometimes seems to be propagated from indiA-idual to individual in

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exertion and loss of sleep, sometimes give rise to it, independent

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Colorado Springs one subject had the following changes: An in-

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4 months before. This possibility is laid aside, however, be-

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ftet per second, while electricity travels at a rate of 462,000,000 feet per second) ; it must be

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have been previously explained, is the most frequent seat of hemorrhage, and

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voice is affected differently in tuberculosis and in syphilis.

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typhoid fever there can be no doubt, for in them we find all symp-

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found mixed in hog's fat, and which will not melt with the other

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larger spores as well as the black discoloration of sugar media.

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■ La We had no ..pportunitv of submitting the organism to all the

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CO 6th Surg Hosp to SG, 5 Sep 40, sub: T/O&E. HD:

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the smaller size of the vesicle of vaccinia induced by the

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which are torn across, it must also to some extent diminish the size of the

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how much dermatology stood indebted to his labours, and

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as also is the mode of his training. Horses are broke to

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But we will not undertake to deny the applicability of Mr.

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stich — were put in from above downward, tucking the redun-

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bed linen should never be used, without washing, for two consecutive

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A turtle gazes at the greenery at Kanawha State Forest

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swollen and reddened, with their ends cold and livid.

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with decoction of pariera brava, also buchu tea. Notwithstanding

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most favourable to the authorities. The Hospital recently

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increased to a grain to the ounce, and used every hour; in all

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64 Emmet, (Edema Glottidls from Ti/phus Fever. [July

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(if flannel so much the better) of a size rather larger

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At any rate, let us, if we can, discard the name of

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rare. It is shown to the careful observer by dysphagia and

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facts proving this contention. In further corroboration it may

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is shown b}' the ratio of deaths in successive 3'ears in the Massachusetts

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than stone obstructing the common duct, while chronic jaundice

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tively short; the pustules are seldom numerous, and still more

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spinal cord, meningeal dropsy, and in some cases spots of con-