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gives to the pulse the character known as dicrotism. The

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others (see N. Y. Med. Jour., Nov., 1867, and Schmidt's Jahrbuch,

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weakness of the leg ; an elastic stocking sufficed to control this.

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which suggest diseases of the heart, while physical examination affords

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Soc. e.stud. cllu. de la Haliana (1890-92), 1895, v, 303-320.—

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3 st. in the last five years. Menstruation ceased a year ago. She com-

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in voiding it ; a hot skin and constipation of the bowels,

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cell carcinoma of the lung. She came with her husband.

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guided, except by experience, and I am unable to say

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nal secretion of the pancreas, is necessary to enable the liver-cells to form

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occupied almost the whole of the arteria innominata;

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solve the problem of its proper length but a presentation of some