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profit every year and thereby reducing the cost of maintenance.

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Hospital, Port-Glasgow, on 15th January, 1919. He had fallen

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a teaspoonful of finely pulverized charcoal in the mouth on going to bed ; it need

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Trusting that you will continue your efforts to relieve your

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root sheath, and then the needle can be again introduced to burn out

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and varied as hysteria itself. I have selected this topic for my paper because it

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of introduction and eliminates the unpleasant sensa-

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operation." She spoke of once being " rosy and fleshy," and

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would be useful to try to do something to counteract this

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himself perfectly well.- Some patients, however, consider the diet insup-

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of boracic acid five grains, and salicylic one grain, to the

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Defendant said he bought the meat as being good, and owing to his

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mends itself to all. It is not alone, tlierefore, on the

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Prognosis. — The mortality from scarlet fever varies greatly

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lowed can be obviated by carefully freeing the solution

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under the influence of an unwholesome and' stiir.ula-

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vomiting may be an early symptom, but in the beginning is often absent

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on a chair ; or to stagger about the room in a supposed state of intoxica-

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will be a pulse rate of 120 or 130. The slow pulse will change

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dilation of the heart following endocarditis ; fatty degeneration of heart;

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Of these the tonsils are certainly far and away the most important,

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" But the )nil)lic law, having spent its jjowerin con-

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l)ile had nothing to do with the green color observed.

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Woolwich, but has not yet made its appearance among the

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coloring matter of the blood. "Taking it for granted, then,

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The pain beginning at the upper part of the abdomen, extended, when

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the seat of cancer. This is especially brought out by Eppinger's cases,

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means, and at last Mr. Curling, after consultation with his col-

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man f.4t assured to make an amputation ; if he d';d not

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cases of scoliosis. In my experience this inspection reveals a pair