patient perceives a sense of pain, weight, and stiffness in the parts^
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til September, 1861, when he entered the navy as assist-
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In giving the supposed causes of the malignant form which the cholera has
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Drs. Boorse, Beffel, Hipke, T. C. Malone, Comfort, Heidner, Keineking and
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must have a momentum that will force upward the national
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An incision was made along the inner edge of the sartorius muscle
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two weeks with rice water to which gradually milk was
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the child's pupils became dilated, the eyes had a wild, staring look,
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posted in his shop the following sign: "All persons
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made. Fortunately, the inferences drawn from a sanitary water analysis
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Society was held Wednesday evening, March 14. Several papers were
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Respiration was labored, at intervals interrupted by a short, spasmodic
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that the aunt, in kissing the infant, had inoculated its
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naires reveals the following remarks as an example:
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pression. The best procedure of obtaining the reflex is to place
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began the first of a series of pyrexial attacks, no doubt due to
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Symptoms. — There is burning, throbbing, deep-seated pain,
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there within its limits, either at that time or for a long while after, a
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and ears, and I shall endeavor to prove that this kind of
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even deadly possibilities. To-day every fellow who can buy a set of
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so was sufficient to almost lift the woman's weight. There was no fresh
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of the most careful investigation, for these are the two
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are given continuously such interference becomes appreciable, and it is
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a tremendous fall of rain, which completely inundated the
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This jacket is made by fitting a thick layer of carded wool
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children that figures merely giving the frequency with
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be recognized by the surfiGU^ of the brain on the affected side appear-
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amounts of bacterial life and their chemical products
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heart itself: no appreciable dulness in the region of the heart,
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Terre de Feu. Bull. Soc. d'anthrop. de Par., 18S2, 3. s., v,
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11. Also, transl.: Arch. Ophth.,N.T., 1899, xxviii, 664.—