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1895-6, xxxiv, 181-183.— Anhaucli (D.) Berieht iiber 25
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and treat as a case of scarlet fever. Mild remedies should be em-
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deformed. Their bones had their right relations ; and,
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1892, 3. s., iii, 504-508. — Hallopeau (H.) & ITlbnod iJ.)
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paper (Chamberland experiments 4 and 7) the apparatus was left
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from undoubted general paralysis. As I have said, sometimes early
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thus Europe has been gone over in six weeks by one epidemic — in six
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had to cut through before I could reach the uterine arteries on each
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About the middle of the eleventh century appeared a
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this epidemic. Several of the nurses had been attacked
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While so-called nutrient enemata, dys7nata nutrienta,
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which Mr. Gilmour ascribes to phosphu- heart, and alcoholic patients. Alcoholics
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fectly reliable intestinal astringent, and yet by numerous examinations
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which terminated his life, he told the writer that he had in
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million and a half persons infected with syphilis each
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hours later, the pains still being /eeble, but the head slowly
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of these three wards is due to an undue proportion of young
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natives, 2. The total number of cases during the week ending
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ical of the ignorant member from X. outweighs that of
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(a most important and eff"ective part of the English system), and no machinery
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lus Professional life. After the Crimea, not liking the
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right nasal cavity. The breathing was obstructed and
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sitate a double equivalent of the sodium hydrate solution to combine
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to do. The student comes here to do the routine exercises and to be
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upon the public was as great as that upon his classes.
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tliMt live zoosperms could be found in it from twehe to twenty-
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causes in the development of diseases of the female genital organs. The start-
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later the sputum gave the same result. Five days later, the temperature being
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may set its own standard, but for Dominion purposes it would have to be the five-year
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vessels thus loosing their tone, allow the escape of the more
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thereby of extending the domain of medical science.t
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rated as if the temperature of the inhaled air had been
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is of peculiar shape adapted to the object. By this
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from the main at Kennington-cross, and that supplied by the
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then gave her fifteen grains of chloral every hour until
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In order to better define the nature and extent of ferret
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admitted to the Convention. This motion gave rise to considerable discus-