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European surgery. And yet, not a trace of the history of these oocor-
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Lead. — The acetate, the carbonate, and the chromate are the salts
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ease. The arm is nearly three times larger than the other. The glands
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by the presence of one or more of these cardinal symptoms a universal
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it is brought into contact with air, steam, and nitrous fumes, the latter
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willingness to allow them to be paid for this intolerably vexations duty,
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two hearts are separate and sometimes more or less closely united. In both
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— 36. Ibid. 3rd ed. Dis. of the Skin for details to date. — 36a. Brooke. Brit. Jour. Derm.
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Agaia, so &r from being a diureib, it may rather deaden every part of
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is accelerated, as a rule, in proportion to the temperature. It usually
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be disposed to question the truth of this assertion. Till the more accu-
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gaining, but tardily. This case is submitted (with too much breviiy,;
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nodule they form a more or less dense layer surrounding it. Frequently
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know that the health and happiness of Dr. H. depended very much
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from the edges of the wound. We advise this to be done, in conse-
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tremities may occur, but it is to be regarded as a complication secondary to
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incisions, tinct. iodine lin. applied to gum, or by electrical cataphoresis,
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tire stranger, he will not consider us unnecessarily cautious in regard to
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second week in 45 per cent. The tetanic spasms commence in the muscles
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CoDsuniption, 5— child-bed, 1— inflammation, 1— typhous fever, 8— liver complaint, 1— disrrlMSSi
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soft and doughy, muscle tonus being apparently lost from toxaemia of the
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occur early, even on the very first day. Delirium may occur in cases with
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states ; and, as far as possible, the names, age and time of decease of
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(i.) Neck-firm lean- standing -raising with pressure . on the back. — The patient
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pore jail in 1899 the admission rate for " simple continued fever " (probably
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your correspondents in the vicinity of Stockbridge, who are versed in
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refractory animals the bacilli may become enclosed in concentric layers of a
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success of 86"89 and 95- 63, respectively, the results went up to 97 and 98.
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lower cervical and upper dorsal regions. By either method the sitting
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planted in separate movable portions of the jaw. The teeth grasp the food, and
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the Senate of the University of France, not less than ten demands from
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from France, is sufficient, with a host of Americans, to establish its
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by no means clear from the reports received that the observers have always
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from the rest of the brain. The vessels of the brain, generally, were