the end of the stump hang free in the centre. The effect of this
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U form the first relief; Nos. 3 and 4 the second. Attached also to each
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This is a question about which very opposite opinions are held by
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depresses the vagus centre and often stimulates the
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The Dangers of Home Doctoring. — A Surgeon of Birminj^hatn re-
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constitutional treatment, it may even be of the husband, enables in
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It is true that among tlie favorite lurking-places of the animals are the
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Phenacetin.— H., dr. 2-3 (gm. 8.-12.). D., gr. 5-10 (gm. .3-.6).
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Much might be said about the new views of zoological relations, the
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blood ; while it is also held that corrosive sublimate finds
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plates, or a white powder, odorless, and having a cooling,
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sulphuric acid and crystallization of the distillate. Na 0^.
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medial, but prophylactic, will prevent the extension of diphtheria in
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ness in the treatment of febrile diseases, notably influenza
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black vomit, had the sallow appearance and peculiar physio<riiomy
keppra cena srbija (.36-. 72), dangerous; Sh., gr.i. (.06); D., gr.^-^
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'Oape aloes is a little inferior to the other varieties and is
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together with that of the lowest reflex centres, so that invol-
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of powders and triturates. It also forms the basis of homoeo-
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Hydrastis, Glycerite of. — Dose same as Fluid Extract.
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theria has undoubtedly occurred at all periods, and iu all countries
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Dr. N. Mayer, of Hartford, Ct., has been appointed Surggou of tho
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He was taken suddenly sick tho same morning with headache and
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putations, for the sharp end of the bone always excites more or less
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the Institutions at Deer Island a favorite resort by all otticers fi'om
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of freshly coagulated and disintegrated egg albumin.
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are said to first excite the spinal motor tract and cause con-
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cornea, from tlionce ))ack over the bulb to the optic nerve. Of course,
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laliiii: treutnient, I have gradually ac(|uijed a renewed eourulence iix
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thus exposed to the northeast storms which prevail from November to
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Method of suppltixg Army Surgeons. — We are glad to see that the
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trance into the Hospital, and she was often up and about the ward.
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mammals gives a very good and exact idea of the form of the brain,
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frequency of abortions as low as once to every 1 89 labors, another,
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be obtained, the dissection was conducted as follows.
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success), there would probably be no serious difficulty. Tl)e embar-
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admitted, he was in a state of semi-stupor; pulse 85, feeble; extre-
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