de la sante, Pai-., 1896, xiii, 263-265. — Pelrone (L. M.)
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through the diaphragm, and at another resembling the sensation as if
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cerebrospinal fluid is discharged through the nose, and may be
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with milk and beef-tea, though far from being successful in all
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a:-rays, which will readily disclose any irregular enlargement as well as
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flammatory peritoneal exudates excludes the possibility of acute
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and signs of tuberculosis of the lungs or elsewhere suggest the actual patho-
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Davidson's syringe is so simple and practicable that this
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those who have to associate with them and wait upon them."
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little to add to the paper, which was quite exhaustive, but he would like
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deviation. Sensation : No loss detected. Motor system : Slight ataxia
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inaccessible to the charge of being defective in these respects ;
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conditions as we are about to describe.) Besides operative removal of a
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ago a similar tumour was removed from the dorsum of the foot.
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all aneurisms that heal spontaneously. In them you find a fibnnous
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be done at the expense of the already greatly reduced supply of oxygen.
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further examination it was found that the bullet had en-
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called, the redness is seldom defined by positive limits, but dimi-
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4. Achard, Ch., and Foix, Ch., Compt. rend. Soc. hioL, 1916, Ixxix, 209.
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1. That the methods of treatment by traction or by me-
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bowels, and restless nights, when not tampered with.
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often introduce as much as two quarts of water when the shock is