previously neutralized ; or we may evaporate to dryness, destroy the organic
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however, be of equal value, as well as the lapis divinus, a salt resulting from
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their attention to brief reviews of the most important Polish
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can be inserted. Xo balloon should be left in longer
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bition of such a diet. The body tissues waste, the belly distends with
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cause of the incidence of pellagra in this institution, but it seems to
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the animal is some blood saturated with the bichloride. The
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theoretical basis and to satisfy the medical profession, but
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vaccination, or overcrowding of dweUings. Certainly it is
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Qerster, Arpad Q., M.D., Professor of Surgery in the New York Polyclinic;
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the disorder as may assist and direct your observations of it here-
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diagnosis of perforation of the intestine is the escape of air into the
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matter of cow-jiox is transmitted to man ; and this
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frequent and profuse ; unless, indeed, death ensue in consequence of
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with the inflammation of serous membranes, can be explained by
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As the ulceration approaches nearer and nearer to the low^er part of the
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action of the instrument, the tissue pared, the sutures
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Unconscious patients can not be given stimulants by the mouth, in
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of the comparative value of blood transfusion. Except in
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percentage which in this condition does not appear to be .too high.
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edly have been much neglected. In propounding his method and
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washed out, and the patient received frequent baths.
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the wound must be thoroughly cauterized. For this purpose fuming
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congestion and distention of the veins that return the blood from the intestines and
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is laid on the fact that the distribution of many of the symptoms of
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simple or complicated by ligature of ureters. ] Arch. biid.
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be sure of the continued apposition of the fragments, and to relieve any undue
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greatest benefit follow (in the earlier stages of the eruption) the use of
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sinuous course of the serpent is like nothing so much as
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losiiche I'iscontrate nei foti di animali .sottoposti ad avvo-
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employed for artificial feeding of infants, especially during