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methylene blue, asserts that it possesses analgetic, antimalarial, and anti-

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The bacterium coli commune, as well as leading an apparently

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after the casein (caseinogen) has been changed by the action of heat

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The bacteriological diagnosis of the various types of enteritis from

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Modern illuminating gas, the so-called " water gas," is

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if the specific disease was not aggravated by the operation, and

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tropical diseases. The organism in question is widely distributed.

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kidneys or failure of the general health may occur in any of these

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The hypertrophic growth of the ventricles has its limit, as the enlarge-

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2. The fact that the color-reaction of amyloid with

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patient's friends when the patient is so sick as to tax all the physi-

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transmission of the infection by means of flies, nor can

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Here the unilaterality corresponding to right- or left-handedness, the

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action of intestinal bacteria on food. — B. M. J.

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isolating it from all the rest. Now, that is precisely the doctrine which

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particularly on the right side, with the exception of the glutei, which

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surrounded by a clear, transparent zone or capsule (Pane).

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rate. The courts also have tried to throw some light on

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Nitricum sen, Cubicum). Iu regard to this agent, I would refer to the

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surgery. If Adamkiewicz's experiments on animals justify any