political colleagues, and bronze copies of it were given to
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sented this. It had been removed by operation, by Dr.
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fected in this way. I usually advise them to in addition to the milk the oil that is con-
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of the atmosphere. — (Vol. i., corol. 9, p. 344.)
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DR. GEORGE S. DIXON, New Yoke Ete and Ear Infirmary.
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a distinct thrill, and a distinct presystolic and systolic murmur,
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in the ordinary lithotomy position, the operator sitting on a
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paper upon nephrectomy, with a report of a case, and an exhibi-
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part of the body. When the patient is unruly and refuses to
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Peyronie's disease have b^n reported rarely. Oculomucocutaneous reactions involving the skin,
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should be given in the evening, as their operation lias a tendency to sleep
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one instance where this was not sufficiently attended to, Dr. Mayne, who
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metastases of primary chorionic epithelioma of the uterus, but also cases
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certain distinctive peculiarities which are discussed below.
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men, the disease generally presents ah initio the apoplectiform cha-
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given in the author's own words: — " Authors comparing the mor-
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with a view to show how necessary it is, as we have already in-
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never let him see the result, but make my report to the doctor, and let
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an over amount is that it will be vomited up, and this brings more or less of the poison out of the
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the epileptic relaxes and remains in a heavy, sleepy
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profits, or it may be striving to make ends meet — would be
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The sudden rupture of hydatid tumours, with the escape of their contents
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of cerebral meningitis, the temporal artery has been opened
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a very narrow space between it and the tenth or a very wide
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an instant to permit its passage, and then closed on it again prior to the injec-
of the body of the child against the placenta, while the rupture of the
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miliary depots of small, round cells arranged in clus-
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letter U, or a horse-shoe, the convexity being forward. Besides
We reviewed 158 consecutively ventilated inborn in-
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viscera, more especially the liver. This increased out-
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ing a case of tetanus puerperalis which he treated by
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On account of the frequent occurrence of slightly enlarged glands it is