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bercle of the skin differ from a scrofulous ? 6. A woman

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statistics of the workmen on shore, where they are subjected to even

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is a spirit which is dissonant from common sense and

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written in a manner to suggest an appreciation on the part of the writer

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of the wound needed to be removed when soiled. A silver drainage tube of

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The present exhibit added to our first series, fully warrants us, therefore,

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Baths should not be continued beyond fifteen minutes.

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5. Careful probing is necessary to discover the extent and gravity of the wound,

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by a number of the best surgeons of his own country whom he names, as

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the practical authority of the State for the due appli-

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5th, 1850), in commenting upon a case under his own

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M.D., etc., formerly Assistant-Surgeon iu the Royal Navy,

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a minimum of H., and that minimum is capable of no accurate taxation,

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constant than the last (not more constant, however, than that which relates to

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ficial effect of the alkaloid, whether morphia, codeia,

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rence; Mr. R. Flint; Dr. Mackesy; Dr. Falconer; Dr. Bryan ;

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uterus may have occurred at the last labor, and caused no symptoms of

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P. Broca, 1872, p. 443), and was the 07ili/ case on record in man, prior

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revenues which was allocated to the rebuilding of the reserve

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escape of pancreatic secretion. Past experience would dictate the ad-

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" it would cease to be an idiosyncrasy if a satisfactory explanation could

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establishment, latterly under the care of Dr. Fuller.

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ting applause of the less successful, which is echoed,

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must confess to having long since given up expecting

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and a half years he was again active as Platzmajor at a celebration.

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ments on frogs and rabbits. Extracts of the putrid tissues were made with pure

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medical attention. In the vast majority of jurisdictions,

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