hundred and six undoubted cases, of which three were supposed to have had

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in the main the same general features, which, however, are

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tortuous temporals and thickened arteries, should be care-

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which is enlarged. The pustule may either precede other symptoms or

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collecting tubules, which transmit their contents to the pelvis.

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(0.20 gm.), may give evident relief. They are of service also in the severe

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fact that in the majority of cases physical signs are absent, and when such

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roots are common, such as severe pain, muscle spasm and cramps, wasting,

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so. I am aware that the contrary to this has been stated by

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first cases to the beginning of the epidemic, was usually fourteen days. In

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with the usual symptoms and course. Such self-deception is

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epidemics is due to the mildness of those epidemics. We have nothing to cut

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as the first stage of cholera and spoken of as prodromal diarrhoea.

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equal we have a "normal or isozymic" infection, in which no unit pre-

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but scarlet fever in the wounded. Several such instances have been observed

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is a marked localized degeneration of the epithelial cells without any appre-

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change in the optic papilla, although in quite a number there was dilatation

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tion of the blood. Organic murmurs may result from preexisting valvular

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been read, abstracted and condensed. This has necessitated

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description was given by de Baillou, in Paris (1578), and in England it was

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flat polygonal cells with small nuclei from the vagina. We

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greater their severity, and the greater the probabiHty of

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nose and mouth, the conjunctiva through the lachrymal ducts, or to the

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persons. INIeningococci have been found in the nasal mucus in a considerable

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