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way home] in this ship invalided, and I have been told that during

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Hospital steward reported the subsequent day, that deafness and dizziness

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face, and between the convolutions, were but moderately filled, and the pia

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parts, and may be slated to consist, first, in maintaining the temperature of the

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Under this view, as soon as the pulse began to flag, and particularly if the

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the materia medica, to those hygienic means which nature has so bounti-

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it is difficult to lorm a correct opinion. Men have often applied

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between the warm, moist, and malarial atmosphere of the Atlantic Plain,

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Arterial Oirscfid Tumours, — TTnder this name M. Gosselin indi-

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be caused by a trifling condition in the nose, throat, or j

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298, 240, 182 discuss respectively Meats, Fish, Sugar,

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the viscera, the secretory organs, and particularly the liver and kidneys

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and because I wish to bring it under the notice of Mr. Carmichael, who has

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fissures of the brain. Andry states that Lechel found a cyst containing

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"neurasthenia" or nervousness, or just palpitation, be-

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the grain is grown in too cold and wet a climate for it to be

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Pregnancy. By Dr. Negkier. — A girl of bad character was accused of having

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"catarrh of the stomach" are caused by alcohol ; the most

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villi : (a) free, ordinary chorion-villi, and {h) complex villi, that is,

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disease, as a generic term for a series of diseases, which, though

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was afforded, and he seemed to be failing very rapidly.

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" On the contrary it will be seen," he says, " that laudanum, opium,

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the various accounts he had received from practitioners of the effects of this

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Gibraltar. — The circumstances connected with the development

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states that the affection of the heart is most frequent in severe cases. " Of

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son between the sterile and healthy region of New England and the fertile

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lished. The ship left the port with a clean bill of health, on the

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accoimtable for the hysteric condition — be it a paralysis,

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splendid tribute for his 50 years of medical service

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George's Hospital. He was very much auieter than when I had

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information, whose stores contribute to the attainment of exact knowledge for

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An acute inflammation of one of these sinuses, called

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inconveniencing the patient it is necessary to imder-

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but its transmission by communication from the sick to the healthy, seems

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the patient. It has always seemed to me important to counteract the irrita-

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thicker striae are the expressions of undulations on the surface

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John Ludlow, D. D., Provost, &c., upon the following gentlemen.

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