Contribution il retude <li' I'^rytliropic^. Ann. il'ociil.,

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taken place even in the chronic stages, but more frequently the

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cases, for while I did give medicines, still I think the re-

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and that this cannot be solely referred to the diminished supply of

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aud gently applied, the fragments which, up to this

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tal letter should designate one author as correspondent and include his

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to the duration of these infections. The results, we thmk, establish the

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but little good ; iron alone might be productive of

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Follicular differs from simple catarrh in this development

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features which clearly distinguish between the one and the other. The

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Disease. Professor Griesinger's observations on the Thera-

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William G. Spiller, M.D., and^' Obstetrics, "by Richard C. Norris, M.D.

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^^^«re is reason to believe that, so far from opium having a poisonous

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as his arteries " is shown indirectly by the findings in

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[Entropium and trichiasis; description and treatment.]

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coughing, especially the mucous variety. The expectoration varies much in

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Dr. Robert Hartley (Weld-Dist I) reported that, in addition to health

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in the vomitus in such cases. Nevertheless, the very sudden onset in

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?s"rT;ed°°l"''™'.' ''1 l\o.arie. coMlothltft it

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been from such a cause. He had never complained of back-ache or of any of

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neurilemma, the disposition of these nervi nervorum inthefibrous

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which are almost always at hand, his life might be saved. If

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Medical Society was originally founded, and tliat arc

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undilated **os," and the presence of a fibroid in the

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resulted, wi;!! good effect. Chloroform had also been

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on the Venerea! Disease ; and in 1793, "Observations on the

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means of the suction syringe is most valuable, but necessitates a general