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cases, nineteen adults, and thirteen children, having been reported

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Again, in all the heart-pancreas perfusions reported above, and

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epilepsy commences the less liable are mental changes to occur ; and the

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not. For instance, Goldmann noted that the white corpuscles of the blood and

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as the great American discovery in all the large cities in these

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nucleus of that broad realm of medical science which

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The joints attacked become red, swollen, and so tender that the weight of

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and soft, and, with the kidney and liver, exhibits cloudy swelling or paren-

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disease, does not appear to be as clearly established. Your com-

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main cold ; on the fact, familiar to all who have attended cho-

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characteristic features of the disease. For his pi^rt, Dr. H. had not

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any fact upon this point. He believed, however, that very accurate

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regional reactions gradually disappear or diminish, but by increasing the dose of

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Experiment 210. — An axillary lymph gland, removed at operation and showing

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is due to peculiarities of the individual suspension, the cause for

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tirely cicatrized. As the ulcer healed, however, a very considerable

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Gonder. 6 Heating the mixture at 56°C. for one-half hour increased