falls : but in some limited epidemics in Irak three-fourths or more of those

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plan must precede the journey abroad ; and sometimes we must not be

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even vomiting. Tlie fever and constitutional disturbance are usually in

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Epidemic diseases among animals, failure of crops, great abundance of

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so that the lesions were due to the chemical substances ; that is to say

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5. In relation to diapedesis, the dilation of the vessels, the altered

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is shown by the observations of LB.za,Tns(Berlinerklinisrhe iroc/;e«.?c/i. 1895, December i'th)

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Fee for the Tickets .of all the Professon, #50. Those who have attended two full courses at an

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Viaui by return mail, on addres!«ins the editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, e»clo»-

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It is probable that the cells, thus deprived of adequate nutriment,

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and Kitasato succeeded in producing a transient immunity in rabbits by

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Charrin and Gley. Arch, de Physiol. Oct. 1890. — 162. Israel. Lehrbuch d. Path.

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in Luxor desert as against 69° in Luxor). The advantages of the

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B. Contagion and Contagiousness. — There is much confusion in

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that we entered upon what was then considered the improvident oxperi-

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of epithelium be the result of a necrotic process during life or a post-

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Last season, there was a general regret that he had neither part nor lot

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and Bude, Ilfracombe and Lynton on the north coasts of Cornwall and

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5. The grave form of enteric fever, characterised by high fever and

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organisms more than one disease at present included in the previous

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that angina maligna is a distinct and opposite disease from croup. No matter ! " (4) p. 179.

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their alexins, or innocuous bacteria — which may tend to neutralise or

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opportunity is afforded for examining the fauces before the appearance of

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view suppose. Under the circumstances of the schoolroom, the mere

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it occupies an area as large as a dinner plate, and extends deeply intO'

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E've additional security and force to the action of the block when the

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results of treatment with antitoxin. The serum of an animal protected

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Few on the second, third, and fourth days. From the fifth day the number