during the night aroused fears in the house-officer in charge of the patient

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nodular hyperplasia that occurs in acquired syphilis.

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allowance must, of course, be made for changes of area."

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and in close sick rooms the smell of the air is deprived

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be remembered that epileptoid attacks in the course of chorea may sub-

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of the chest ; and during this attack he was first seized with gout in one great

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arteries appear narrow, or albuminuric retinitis is present. If it lasts long

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oughly ventilated ; (g) the teeth must receive careful attention in order to pre-

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corresponding to the ulcer had evidently been acutely

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Manuscripts should be typewritten, double spaced, and the original

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instruction, the operations and autopsies, for three or six months re-

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asphyxia threatens the life of the mother labor should

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to\vn work is undignified and unsatisfactory, generally resulting in injustice

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that is recommended being dry wool, and having the wound

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to the air for days without turning sour, and the Red

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prostate, urine muco-purulent and bloody ; the stone was

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several side by side, with rigid antiseptic precautions, serve the purpose

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an inhibitor of the growth of the staphylococcus albus, but

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— (i.e. those who "become lazy spectators" of the work done by the

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position which he has filled with so much benefit to the country

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argument against its use for them, notwithstanding the

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and cast upon the Government the blame of allowing a