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and have the same formula, are digested by being inverted,

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[Kepei t of his ophthalmic practice durin;; 1897.) Vestuik

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1877. Lewis, Morris J., M.D., Attending Physician to the Ortho-

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derivable from the enjoyment of cheap things, i.e., of things

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Disorders — Syphilis; Period of Sequelae — Syph-

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Dr. Charles Prentiss' reports three cases of paralysis agitans in

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take the opportunity of repeating my own experience (and

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Ij'sia, the affected muscles are found not to be excited tc

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may lead to a return of increased intraocular pressure.

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dence that oxygen does enter the blood, but evidence suffi-

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the lung. Bear in mind that foreign substances always

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of short duration, and did not seem to seriously affect the animals.

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face of natives of Bengal, states that they not only sel-

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over them, and they should be carefully enucleated.

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ruling was appealed against, but the chair was sustained.

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sufficient to be noticed; has nose-bleed almost daily; hardly

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Colleges with Four-year Courses. — The colleges of

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amination. Patients with rectal diHiculties usually pre-

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water, rice, vegetable, or barley soup, strained, leben,

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ganglia by one operation. Occasionally, however, failure occurs, and either the

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del paludismo. Gac. mkA. catal., Barcel., 1898, xxi, 97-

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The median nerve supplies the pronators, digital flexors, except the ulnar

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the middle of the superabundant upper lip. Accordingly on

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impossible to cure the bladder until a secondary ureterectomy is done.

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about the same time, seems to begin at a very early period of foetal life.

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Dr. R. W. Miller, Los Angeles, was asked to reply, Dr. Dills having left the

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confirmation from the observation of Pouchet, who found

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