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adenoid clinic has been held and 75 children have been operated on,
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else the disease will almost certainly relapse. Nasal catarrh must, if pre-
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care of the children, and for two or three days had suffered from sleeplessness
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pain, I opened the abdomen by a short incision in the right iliac fossa.
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of cases observed in a few months and his conclusions tend to
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To Past and Work for 40 Days.— Stepney G. Playsted, 37
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R. M. Woodward, M. H. S., well remembered in this city
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cause appeared to be gastric irritation, as on its removal the
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arteries and p)art of the conus arteriosus are covered with lung.
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in the abdominal viscera create alterations in the percus-
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arsenic blanc, fleurs d'arsenic, Fr.; arsenicsaure, weisser
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withstanding all that we have recently learned about the bactericidal power
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it is exposed to the action of carmine and indigo in solution.
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degree of stenosis. Dyspnea is the most conspicuous symptom, but the
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—{Med. Chir. Trans., vol. v., p. 340, &c.) The
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Strong has noted that the course of the disease rarely extends beyond the fourth
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Among these some reference to medical science could scarcely
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blood. Externally, the aneurism was applied immediately over the right auricle,
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Professor Koch, Berlin ; Professor Kocher, Bern ; Professor
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tremities were but slightly edematous and there was
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appears, was published in 1813 by Dr Sutton, of Greenwich, but the first-