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process, about the size of a hazelnut, extended so profoundly between the

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increased, and, on cooling, the urates are deposited in abundance. Owing to

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of heart, he became so convinced of the truth involved in the

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where this has been present. The waxy form of d^eneration may affect

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and varied as hysteria itself. I have selected this topic for my paper because it

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to vary from three to fourteen days, while Marchiafava and Bignami

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study of disordered mental activity. The methods of

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Cholera Infantum. — Physicians coincide in their views regarding the treatment

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recurrence. Among other cases in which I have found hypnotic

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the arguments of the committee from the board appeared so

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neither cross nor askew, and where no attempts at turning have been

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Fitzpatrick, Col. John C, 56, 180, 320, 403-04, 416

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indefinite period, the patient exi)eriencing so little inconyenience as to

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were not those of this disease, is almost self -suggestive.

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Sydenham called opium " Magnum donum Dei — God's greatest gift."

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used, as the free iodine w^ill produce thrombosis. This is

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dinner was ready he was seated at the table, but refused to eat. I suggested

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''the praotioe of physic and surgery in this state," passed April 13, 1810.

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equilibrium of the physiologic system to which the organ belongs, and ,

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