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matic 8. Screens, two— picric acid and acid green.
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which produc|fc sometimes the effect of obscurit.v. It is the repeti-
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in Chicago for 40 years. Died April 22, 194? at the
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have deprived her of the proper control of her actions. He states that on his first
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spasms. Ailer the administration of the dose, in 3 minutes the spasm was gone, and
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It is by no means necessary that the ureters should be much thick-
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topography of our island; and I cannot help thinking that all
and inspected with the aid of the health questionnaires
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instance related by Br. Currie, the disease lasted six weeks, and
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of Fevers." Some of these fifteen essays, (not including the one
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fever New York 14. From malarial fever New Y'ork 3, Brook-