observers in different countries should vary considerably. Salkow-
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constitutional peculiarity. A hemorrhagic diathesis is sometimes manifested
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may be marked kyphosis, with a rigid and immobile thorax and witk
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of a fluid containing innumerable, minute globules, which are surrounded
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and thirtieth hour. In these instances, it was totally unexpected;
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goiter, but it is then, as in the case of a simple acute goiter, only a tran-
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souri ranks fifth in its proportion (13.3%) of the pop-
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But we need not instance nations who occupy different soils and climates
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hereafter insist on a new style hawser, since it is believed that
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Pathology". — The connective tissue of the larynx is infil-
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A second rubbing, ten days after, destroys any stray animalculaj
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(2) The Braun-Lossen or pterygoid method is free from some of the disad-
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the postcervical and epitrochlear glands. The enlargement is moderate,
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on the subject of tuberculosis is printed in italics, and may
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or latent tuberculosis. Of the remaining one-half, 32 per
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Dolens. — A. Ilerzfeld has used in one case the unguentum
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in the reduction of hernia. To be convinced of the truth of this
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fluid form at regular intervals. He made a complete
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To insure success it is important to know the habits and breeding
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poultices over tlie abdomen, and of hot vaginal douches,
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epidemics of the past year (1848) ; referring as occasion re-
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tongue was dry and iirown. and the pulse very feeble,
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marking the first and third holes of each tube. This arrangement has
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his coadjutors in the Hospital. Three women having died in
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nonnaOy, vis.: the isosecretoiy, the hyperaecretoiy, and the h y p o eecretoqr,
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— is due to the increased mechanical irritation of
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"1. Quinin is superfluous, because the enemy which it is to com-
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6. The ill-founded opinion that " extirpation of a qui-
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respects entirely unsuitable for any exact experimenta-
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onset, and probably due to acute inflammation of the bulbar nuclei.
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satisfied himself experimentally that these colonies
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theless, " sero-diagnosis is more easily carried out, and remains the favourite
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to the arch of the aorta. The conclusions tlu\v anived at were that
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He returned next day, with the statement that he had
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the former, and that the disease extended from the larynx to the lungs.
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-and Charcot (64); a similar one by Ballet; and another by myself (26)).