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doses of fifteen grains three times a day, kept up for several months.
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other cases delirium, sopor, and coma due to tubercular meningitis may
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TREATMENT. In the treatment of scurvy drugs are of very second-
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DIAGNOSIS. Since the characteristic sign is excessive free fluid in
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by Virchow as the result of the mechanical action of faecal masses upon
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Sunstroke commonly begins with abrupt complete unconsciousness, al-
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occurs after about two weeks of illness. In a recent epidemic the mor-
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DIAGNOSIS. Syringomyelia is distinguished from cervical pachyme-
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the autopsies we have found great engorgement of the vessels with serous
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aggravated the cardiac distress, and much benefit has been derived from
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portion of the muscular coat, caused either by injury, ulcer, or scar,
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one of choreic hysteria or one of hysterical chorea.
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should never be practised unless the kidney has undergone hopeless,
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This form of laryngeal paralysis is dangerous to life. It may result from
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sometimes necessary to avoid being led into mistakes of interpretation.
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and the free, continuous use of cracked ice is often very serviceable.
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The symptoms of a primary diphtheritic enteritis are those of dysen-
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aconite, hyoscine, and all the spinal sedatives may be tried seriatim,
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a small flame. As the fluid evaporates, a red color is formed if free
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PROGNOSIS. The prognosis of acute myocarditis is essentially that of
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DIAGNOSIS. The physical and rational signs are indicative of an
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by various accidents. There is loss of weight during the whole period
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