July 10th, assisted by Drs. Bidwell, Lachmann, Verity, and others, I proceeded to

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excessively artificial character of the work which the student-

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Thorburn, B. S., B. Sc, M. D. (Lond.), Fellow of the Royal College of

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form, although response to treatment is poor, death is not

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prognosis in the septic cases is unfavorable. The danger of sudden death,

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scess and an orchitis, seem to be unusual, as Keen, in

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and counterfeiting in the preparation and sale of food

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erections, it can also be accomplished if Christopher would call a good

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Ophth., N. T., 1899, xxviii, 430-440.— Sin igair (H.) A

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!t 1- alnio-i eertain that the maioviii ol penelratii:-.' wound of the

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the iris diaphragm on the De Zeng stand, 20 or 25 feet distant. It

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and forces it downwards, protruding before it the yielding organ

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these liquids may be discharged during the act of birth.

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glands ; the epithelial lining of the gastro-intestinal mucous membrane,

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reaching the heart, with plenty of room for manipulation,

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M. J.. Loud.. 1886, i, 970.— JamicHon. Hypertrophy of

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Von Pitha, and to the fact that Chassaignac also denies the occurrence of

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any distinct friction sound, and he had no doubt the peculiar cardiac sound

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five, the hruit disappeared in two cases and diminished in two,

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leaths in 1905 from all forms of tuberculosis in the registration area

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Shortest time ten days ; longest fifty-six days ; average twenty-eight

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and red cells. The presence of three or four cells in a field is regarded

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Is it wise for a body of educated men, examined and licensed

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the strict lines of the accomplished Physician, he was remarkably

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The meeting was held at the house of W. Dalton, Esq.,

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Heat the aloes, glycerin and syrup on a water bath at a tem-

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turition, a much more serviceable agent than chloroform, and

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the first case, a quotidian fever with large tumour of the spleen, after a typical

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more ; R. L. Parsons, of Sing Sing ; C. K. Mills, W,

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stances, the surgeon should urge, l»ut a jdain. truthful