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preservation on the shelves in water containing camphor, or

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Among these some reference to medical science could scarcely

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the occupation seems at first sight a suitable one. But on

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considerable by a return of the tonsillitis and by tenderness

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said of kite years, the patients sunk, from the want of their most

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follow. In a few days the nerve-trunks in the severely palsied

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partly the result of disturbances of circulation in the brain, especially

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percussion impossible. Here, too, by increasing the strength of the


1897, vi, 31-33.— Krebs (C.)" Elektromagnetisk Extrak-

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diphtheria in which death occurs neither by suffocation nor by


was had it not been for Mr. Maynard Heath's paper at the last meeting of the

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sarcoma, but large round-celled, spindle-celled, and mixed forms may

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be masticated because the psychically induced gastric

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would have reason to be well satisfied with the progress you

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accommodation. This is followed by sections on operating tables,

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occurred after the expulsion of the placenta. The child was born alive, but was

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is at first normal and later shows complete atrophy.

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accretions. Other writers, however, accord the first place in the clinical

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Treatment: Exclusive rectal alimentation was employed for

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i Samuel Bowman, D. D., E. Bowman Miner, M. D., of Wiikes-

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Green 3 has shown by unusually delicate experiments the

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Agglutination Tests with Typhoid-E.nteritidis Serum (Rabbit)

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alveoli, and pass through the openings in the latter

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of the matter discharged from the intestinal tube, and to the fact that the

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ually active, they are potential candidates to develop

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test. In raising the thigh as high as possible and suddenly

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smiths in the metropolis and dispersed throughout the coun-

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produces any important modification in the conditions of the blood.

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of the whole class and hold it firmly to the subject; in other

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twice a day. Externally the solution is used for the foot-rot of

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minutes boiling. Two dessertspoonfuls of currie powder, and

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man could be made to give out sparks of fire, at every