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Now in both of these cases the bleeding into the lungs was
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ease liospitalg, led to the resolve by recent small-pox. There
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the distribution of cholera poison in 1866 by the East Lon-
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months of 1892, and were 306 below the corrected average number.
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mic goitre, and who still had an enlarged thyroid and slight
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plicated substances can be attacked even by anaerobic-
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called economies, which are causing considerable misgiving both here
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common seat of the primary lesions. He holds, on the other
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patient, a young man, was seen by a doctor on the evening of January Slsi;
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and the cure of the flbroid some years after another surgeon
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that the hypopyon in these cases is derived, not only from
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strong. At 1.30 p.m. the bag was expelled into the vagina ; the feet pre-
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EPSOM UNION.— District Medical Officer and Public Vaccinator. "Salary,
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receive not more than one infant ; houses with aoO feet of available floor
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the Hands and Feet in a patient with Phthisis and Spinal
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Martin, Charles Lister, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.Lond., appointed Medical Offi-
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state) to favour me with a portrait of the flames which he saw-
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<3ases the labour took 23, 265, 7 and 20{ hours respectively.
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tympanitic area reaching up to the fifth interspace in the
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R. Haselden, R. E. R. Morse, W. Rowney, M.D., T. R. Lucas. M.B.. C. J,
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months, ' say the Commissioners, " I male and 3 females have died
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there remains the fact that Hamilton's experiments included
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present work,' that " from Bordeaux he went to Paris, where
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trustees of certain town property intended to build a
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life can be resumed as soon as the rain ceases. No records
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ever, before the Act of 1867 was passed, and the quality may
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The quarterly Examinations in Edinburgh for the Triple Oualiflea-
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localities where the disease might be called endemic, infec-
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for a time, it would spring up again with renewed vigour, for
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a cat, or on being ingested with food, they caused blood-
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1 Hbitish Medical JonHNAL, January nth, 1890, p. 75.
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