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times, the very mild cases, those already sugar free and those

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difficulty of getting complete histories with autopsies in such

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Fistula, Scurvy, Tetter, Scald Head, Ring Worm, Pimples, Blotches, Piles, Deafness

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sider the introductory chapter on climate in general, and on

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We now find that the author, for the sake of convenience,

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lated with this substance, giving at the same time by the mouth

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suffered no relapse. Mr. Holden considers the case to be

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both the putrefactive and the fermentative dyspepsia. This

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as weU as from Marsdlles and other ports in the Mediterranean where the disease

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weeks: these would be always liable to conception. In others they are very irre-

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for the health of the people. This being the case, is it strange that disease prevails

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" I will that the younger women marry and bear children."— 1 Timothy v. 14.

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lie may cure it, with ease. All cases of ulceration of the -womb may be said to be

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mesial margin of the hemisphere, and downward almost to the

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of extraction the pain was experienced in its greatest severity, a cold

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the natives who have never left the valley ; and cases of consumption

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found one case yield to this method," and to my own observations in

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easy of explanation. Anodynes and narcotics are agents acting

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cal^ and its duration would probably be short. Putting it out of

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Analysis of the cortical functions of sensibility shows that

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of nature, the glorious works of art, and all that instructs, amuses, and gives happi-

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macrocytosis and the multiple lobes of the nuclei of the leukocytes.

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blood clots were met with beneath the periosteum covering the

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latter in two cases, both of which bad reached the second stage, viz.

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the extremes of heat and cold, but cannot distinguish between