deposited below the high water line of a riparian area.

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aromatic spirits of ammonia may be added to any solution which

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1 Cose rppoHprl hv Dr S. Amabilp, Senior Assistant, BellevUB Hospital. In Ne»

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Brodie, Sir Benjamin, English surgeon, 1783-1862. — Bursa

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so that the contracted portion of the canal undergoes the

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vesicle or pustule ; accompanied by great irritation.

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resistance to the constant current is inversely proportional to the size of the elec-

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tients affected with exanthematic diseases; and contains 1,100

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the third case admitted that day. A few days later she was

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suffice to explain such differences of result. These differ-

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physician be called in at the first appearance of the attack. But, even

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ceeded sometimes partially, sometimes completely, in anticipating the

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The Council shall consist of the Councilors, and the

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Troubles of digestion are among those most noticed by the patients

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to tests of adrenocortical function and differential diagno-

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perfect bullcie may be developed. Some cases begin with sudden

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If the hypertrophy can not keep pace with the dilatation, precordial dis-

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was partly closed with the Oonnell suture and the duodenum im-

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certained after death by dissection, and at what pe-

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nerves, and consequentiy dUatation of the capillary vessels,

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anffered from a primary attacit of appejidicitis. In most of these cases tlirrr a

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be admitted in the primary stages of the disease, besides

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ing, small quantities of Uood getting into the laiynx ; hence, the pa-

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especially, but not exclusively, in skin diseases, that practitioners

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ofBce an affidavit, duly subscribed and sworn to by him, in which he

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into the nerve force, which, as it were, carries out

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philic variety and very commonly so in the eosinophilic type. As

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he endeared himself by his peculiarly gentle and amiable manners to

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sured the group that the AMA is “on the Job” in Washing-

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ditions that were the actual cause of the fatal disease with,