the patient, up to this time, November 17, 1854 (upwards of

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sperm cell, there is a parallel reduction in the number of chromosomes

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availed themselves of their oflBce as registrar tu push the vaccination.

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feeling occur from its use, and look upon it as due to the suddenly-induced

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continued operation that involves the organs of genera-

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of Pelzer's procedure, which appears to be exempt from the drawbacks

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does not improve under the stimulus of electricity and mas-

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fluid. A grey cataract (cataracta diabetica) may become deve-

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the children do not thrive any better, and that they are notably more

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to do as much good or only as little harm as possible.

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indicates the uncertainty of value of any article. As a rule, irritating

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"is a needless waste of blood, which may weaken the patient, but not

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preceding Dr. Lind’s great work Captain James Lancaster

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same as the impulse felt in the upper resonant area. An occasional tinkling

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surgeons are entitled to examination for promotion to

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tliese differential grooves. He noticed that one of the points of differentiation

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giving the length ; while the width is taken in the region of the

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this early date may interest some readers. At this meet-

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Since a laige number of the deaths occurring during measles result

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skin and the kidneys, or gentle diuretics, a few grains of nitre, for

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which is an occasional or partial process in tumours ; and

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his family history so much with Farr's tables and the

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was a marked leukocytosis five hours after the perforation had

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Srd D. arch ; cord found reduced to ' a pulp. Death 21 days later.

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disease. Curettage per urethram would not allow the

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Dr. Rosenberg, on the progress and efficiency of Homoeopathy

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and pour this cream custard around it and serve. If spice or

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with the narcosis. In the last 20 cases artificial res-

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vious to this operation the vagina should be thoroughly cleansed,

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good faith manifested — that there is neither favoritism nor prejudice ope-

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general mass of epithelial cells surrounded by an irregular

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