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Authors may have 25 copies of Carolina Medical Journal containing their article*

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peculiarity often appears late in life. The chief difficulty, says

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dissection of the child, we found, in the first place, all the signs of

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of the hand. The intestines were healthy, here and there presenting patches of

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twice — viz., Sir Rutherford Alcock, Edwards Crisp, John

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1895, viii, 273-276. Also, Reprint. Also: J. Am. M. Ass.,

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that renders an early diagnosis positive. The diag-

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athy. Frazer and MacRae (Jour. Am. Med. Assn., 1923, 80, 1292)

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Brochures and registration forms are available from the contact

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are rarely present during the fever. They may appear during the crisis,

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Fran., 1896-7, xi, 116. Also: Pediatrics, N. T. & Lond.,

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absorbed or assimilated, but in the progress of time, under

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morbid desires flit across the mind, without sensibly interfering

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often given this pill for six or eight successive months, with occasional inter-

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no total increase, it should suggest the propriety of considerable caution

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guide us in the recognition of such conditions as coma

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Unless the neuritis depend upon orbitar disease, it is always to

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Paraplegia is more frequently observed than hemiplegia.

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borders of the lateral lobes is a stratum of tissue uniting them throughout

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cysts or abscesses either externally or into the trachea or oesophagus.

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toms are : sudden and violent pain in the abdomen with vomiting and