layer upon a slide or a cover-glass, dried in the air, and fixed by

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stroyed ; that the time within which a person may be resuscitated is subject to

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that is whether this mother ever had a miscarriage ?

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cavity of the scapula, and was followed by ^ permitted. In many cases, where there is

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people earn college educations through sports scholar-

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ascertain to what pathological state they actually belong.

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exposure, or fatigue, but it is oftener the result of rheu-

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minutes in half a pint of hot water ; strain off the water, and

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"Practicing Medicine" — Healing by Prayer. — The Ala-

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Strictures of the esophagus may be divided into the functional

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tion of the connective tissue in front of them point to an increase

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again due to the chemical energv of light. Finsen regards

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"Filtres sans pression, systeme Cliamberland-Pasteiu ".

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Indeed, in accordance with Nef 7 s results, we have found that acetic anhy-

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intraneuralen [njectionen. Die Therapie dei Gegenwart, 1907, vol. xlviii, p. 19.

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portance of a thorough explanation of what he must do

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In Case 2, the patient had been a man 44 years of age, and

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he became stained with the eosine of appointment. He

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where gout attacks the nerves, giving rise to gouty congestion or in-

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disease, though allied to, was distinct from malaria. In 1897

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tendency to normal leukocytosis; lymphocytosis; normal eosinophilia;

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Cold water dashed onto the loins will sometimes help.

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Before concluding those remarks, it may be proper to

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fits you for the appointment now vacant. In anatomy you were


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elements. As cells of their own vital activity feed and

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report as necessary to the Board. The necessary trav-

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Alexander, the little patient in question, was born in March, 1827,

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are yet undecided, but we think that the results of Tyler Smith, Clay,

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face across his knees, so as to put the spine on the stretch

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dations have been made at other stations. All are amply