of Dr. McA y, witli Avliom Professor Gross saw liim
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month, so he knew pretty well what the diflficulty was.
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pected of fraud or idiocy surpasseth understanding.
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[Same as 1884 f] <Ibidem (17), 10 sept., pp. 646-648. [W% W^.]
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een relieved, at least for a sufficient time, to allow of operative
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taining the experience of the British Practitioners vvith many of the new Remedies. By Jo-
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The external pia maler embraces the whole exterior of the en-
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We use at the hospital a wheel-crutch, which enables the patient to
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honourable and distinguished names be enlarged by those of Ame-
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the infection of medical assistance (from the sound, cu-
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chronic cases of pyo-sailpinx noted, where I state that the
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the fracture and the subjacent surface of the dura mater.
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the stomach. Physical exploration should prevent such errors.
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a large, elongated ovary. The vulva is situated in the posterior
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creased in recent years. South American bark, which a
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steady pressure the perineum would probably be torn, if the force
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in the female. Some years during the urethral catheteri-
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vnnnah it rao-ed, with fearful mortality, in the year 1820. Ur. wiiuair
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continued starvation this method is inapplicable, be-
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removed at night, but re-applied before the patient rises In the morning.
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In the rectum, distinguish bilharziosis from piles; large bilharzian tumors
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The only other program like this is in the state of
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vailing epidemically. Thus it spread widely in California in 1855 and
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weak. She was evidently sinking, and died August 5th, at
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recrudescence of disease made one think their resection was
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and careful attention of these physicians. It was supposed that
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neighboring state where a diagnosis of diabetes had been made by
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by dietetic treatment, while the excretion of the latter is
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sagacious medical man, long before the day when a bishop, described
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H there is no special connection between what you see on
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greater chance of ensuring the best assistance the dis-
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gold is used in the regulars, and vice vcrsd. Thus —
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same woman, these children having signs of being dead for some time.
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gaged in making experiments in regard to the relation
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the vesicle, although this may be slightly hastened or impeded, without
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Or secondly, the clinical manifestations throughout may be those of
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gub. V 1889-90 g. [General sketch of the epidemic of ergot-
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