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over those in common use are enumerated as follows, viz: — 1. Its accurate

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The President — Are you, Mr. Registrar, in a position to state this now ?

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hands of the returning officer of the division not later than the hour of 2 o'clock p.m. on

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passing of the Medical Act of 1858, each member of the profession had

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In Sayre's first case, in which a segment of bone was removed above

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specimen and place it under a microscope, to use a laryngoscope and

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simply for the purpose of saying that if there were several members of the Council already

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fewer than forty individuals who indulge in that habit. Of the various

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of her first child, and the delivery followed by severe after pains, and five

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As we close the record of the old year and turn to the

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and assist physiological and chemical actions and changes.

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our author upon sympathies, presented in chapter sixth. He notices in suc-

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to brace up the nervous system that it may resume iis influence over the

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was for the direct removal of stone. Finding no person in this neighbourhood

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hemorrhage or inconvenience to the patient. This was persevered in until

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then, is to recollect, that in the cases made herein the special subject of notice,

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These, sir, are a portion of the minutes which induced me to state