Gastrojejunal Ulcer After Subtotal Gastrectomy for Duo-
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This work fills a long-felt need in this department. — Buffalo Med. Surg. Jour.
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CALABAR BEAN. Fabu Calabarica. The bean of Physosliama
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E'NTOMOLINE {ivTopov, an insect). A peculiar chemical prin-
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a large supply of oxygen to assimilate it. One with a
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Aconite, Fulsatilla. Dtileamara, Causticum, Grapti-
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severe pain, and is pulled or bent over to one side.
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is therapeutically equal to metrazol and without its
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bladed knife, introduced obliquely through a puncture by its side.
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the statements of those who advocate it, statements
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sion of the left upper quadrant with the patient in a
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catarrh by the severity of its symptoms. By the name la Grippe
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C0R0'L(;A (dim. of corona, a crown)., a little crown.
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denotes the result of the o|)cration. See Preface^ par. 3.