fever and exudation (Cabot and Turk). The leukocytosis increases if complications

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was also vomiting. On searching for the cause it was

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54. Denise P: Rotation d'axe incline par rapport a la gravite— Effets des petits

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publications which may be sent to it, and an acknowledg-

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dilation of the heart following endocarditis ; fatty degeneration of heart;

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so, or else are the far-away beginnings of that malady. Sometimes a therapeutic

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more irregular, she at times having menorrhagia, and at times metror-

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1888, xiv, 1005.— Semi (E. J.) The treatment of suppurat-

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with ; and, further, it secures, when the hips are elevated

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University of Louisville were held Tuesday, March 27, 1900, at half-

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uterus, the cavity is reduced to small dimensions. On the

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so that its preservation drives us to the conclusion that the patient must

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seventh case in Zone 1, at 148 Colton Street, was that of a woman. Pel-

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1. Therapeutic Controls. — In order to avoid any confusion which

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Surgeon to St. Bartholomew's Hospital, in a clinical lecture on a case of frac-

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were at first all mild, as above noted, but later became more severe and more

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deserved the thanks of the Academy. As to the case of the patient

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similar cases which have been observed by confreres in this city suf-

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to sup with water and bran. I dare not for my head fill my belly." The

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Surgical Tuberculosis.— 40.— Tuberculous affec-

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clusion that the fever was conveyed by, and probably originated in the linen.

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toms, and is most contagious during the early stage. It may be trans-

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CO 6th Surg Hosp to SG, 5 Sep 40, sub: T/O&E. HD:

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forcing of fluids, and possibly counter-irritation over the kidney

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