in posterior root gangha occm- whenever the ganghonic cells degenerate,
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Dose. — H. & C, 3 i.-ii. (4.-8.); Sh. and Sw., 1T[xx.-xxx.
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This is characterised by a rapid succession of jerking movements, which
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as there were signs of hypertrophy of the heart and a murmur with the
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active. It moults twice and becomes the pupa, which also moults twice, the
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alike that operation for the removal of an enchondroma may be
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in pericarditis and endocarditis. Dr. Hunter was born in Gene-
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gland, therefore, is not in any way connected with the alimentary canal.
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out that view. Secondly, the ligature of the carotid alone,
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the other members of the family, as well as cure the one affected.
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seen many cases during the war, and some since, in which the
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Dr. Robert Hartley (Weld-Dist I) reported that, in addition to health
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I). At the Base Hospitiil. \ii. r .m .\ i,n In- l.,.,.|| t.ikni. ih,' p.iti,nt
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i ConcentrRted Rxtmct of Malted Wliefit, Oats, & Barley.
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duced my hand to remove the adherent placenta. In this manipulation I
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become better known the results also have improved, so much so in
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upon us, but also upon the utterances of medical men who
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lems and if they understand that its repair may not result in
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creased. In countries where a certain therapeutic substance had been used
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veins pass in a direction nearly horizontal. In general, each
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A persistently high-tension pulse is one of the most reliable indications of diffuse
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perfect healing (as we so frequently observe after the removal
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latter class of cases barely 25 per cent, could be cured
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peated attacks. The patient was employed in an incan-
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cases he has frequently obtained only from two to twenty colonies
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diet should be continued for ten days after the fever has subsided.
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may bring more specifically to the notice of the medical profession
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Schaefer (1900) after noting the effect of abdominal conditions on
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tainly do not reside in identical substances. Their
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whole sky of a uniform density. It indicates the approach of rain.
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In describing the symptoms of this form of renal disease