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Red blood corpuscles. 4,100,000, 1,890,000, 1,492,000; white

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efYects of the movements of currents of the invisible

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ranged between 98.5° and ioc° F. ; his pulse between 80

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demonstration, we shall forget that, in a great epi-

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■while in this position, the bougie will usually enter

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taste is great. He has therefore substituted a prep-

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time none of the State hospitals for the insane has any

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(a) likely to impair the general health? (&) likeh- to re-

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such as erysipelas, etc. Dr. Biggs thinks that the depart-

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Edition. Enlarged and Thoroughly Revised. Illustrated

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timely departure. In his death the Eastern Medical Society has lost

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Troy and Vicinity, N. Y. ; Long Island, N. Y., Medi-

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The double red cross is similar in shape to a cross used

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Grimm, R. M., Assistant Surgeon. Upon being relieved

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rhages developed under the skin. Pulse, 120. Spleen, pal-

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shall appear how fruitful this field is for future de-

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deformed nail, loss of tissue, and redness. On October

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some eight or nine years. There was a free interval of

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cordingly, no Procrustean rule is suitable to the at-

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gery, but in operating for the removal of carcinoma

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patient who presents himself, and it may be just as

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Agriculture, will deliver two lectures at Cooper Union on

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something tangible to work with. It is possible now

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incision of prepuce. Nearly well. Reaction very strong

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sane at the puerperium. Father drank moderately for a

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cellulose to stimulate intestinal peristalsis and elimi-

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fact well known to every tyro in ecclesiastical his-

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ner rod. At the starting point of the inner rod the two wires are

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Blimination, relaxation, rest and quiet, so necessary Id the

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anatomy ; Dr. Charles B. Reynolds, lecturer on obstetrics :

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properties, such as temperature, amount of carbonic

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Wis., upon special temporary duty September i, 1910.

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of health ofificers in all parts of this country, that

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the military tournament at that city, September 26 to

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adelphia : P. Blakiston's Son & Co., 1910. Pp. xii-175.

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Between this date and early December there were a few

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4. The Muscle Condition in Cerebral and Spinal Muscular

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gut, and the suture line dusted with thymol iodide.