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the University, Professor Waldeyer, were followed by speeches made by

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The change in the specific gravity of the urine, then,

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the series of five planets, five metals, five solid viscera,

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tain degree of hesitation in the patient's movements, since she has

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and was still being done along these lines and those

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working the mental faculties, desiring to reach or find the truth

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areolar tissue to partake of the same colour, and a yellow liquor

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large, inflamed papules and pustules, the intervening

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at the pubic tubercle, and one at the muscle end. With

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more than eight, seven and two years respectively, while the fourth

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(I) That up to that time anchylostomiasis was not recog-

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lately, a loose and defective sanitary administration for the State

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these cannot be established with positiveness, as they vary from

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In respect to the Sepoys, their mortality, at the different stations, is

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some other circumstances. The property of re-producing, in

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dark red colour, especially where it covers the intestines, and its cavity

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were £16.7S2 17s. 9d., and the expenditure £1.5, 316 2s., leaving

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brought about by the general adoption of antiseptic

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1843 a. — [Remarks and cases illustrative of the efficacy of than-mo or wah-mo]

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the nasal chambers, to suspect and carefully examine

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some writers, that the parasitic origin of certain fevers

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are brought to perfection, when the intellect is developed to

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cases appear about puberty. On the whole, the earlier the time of attack

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will be charged as per scale of charges on page Vm.

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