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Pain— A Comparison of the Beliefs and Behaviors of Family

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vertebrse were removed. The dura mater and the posterior surface of the

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nuclei— of epithelial cells, and of a variety of cells of irre-

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45.8 per cent. ; twenty-five per cent, was, however, the

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for topical infections, primary or secondary, due to susceptible organisms, as in:

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medical men. With reference to issues involving mechanical

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countries of the Pan-.\merioan Medical (Congress : Argen-

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should be as smooth as possible. To accomplish this,

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In 1886 he was ajipointed Chief of the Bureau of Con-

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pital at Vienna, in which he occupied the position of Principal Physi-

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osmotic pressure between the cell and the medium in which it floats.

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toneal flaps as it proceeds, and up on the opposite side. This suture

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proof of contagion; yet the facts none the less prove

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sanatoriums which have proved in other countries so efficacious

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In the early periods the mucous membrane shows a coagulation necrosis

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or flatus in the stomach, is the cause of so mu6h distress to those

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The degeneration of the epithelium is secondary to this,

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medical gentleman of this city whose methods of in-

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attention to the fact that orchitis in this disease is not

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withhold treatment which, in his opinion, would be useful, even for so de-

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Prince, of Boston, who has had also much experience in the use

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f. prakt. Thierh., Stuttg., 1891-2, iii, 43.3-441.— Kavenel