ders bacilli of moderate virulence. In both, the lesions contain
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and his sister. The man, his sister, and the child were attacked with acute
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Avomen ; comparatively rare in men. Age. — The onset usually occurs in early
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of right lung posteriorly. Tubercle bacilli were plentiful in
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should confine ourselves to the simple question of replying to
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more generally recognised and practised at the present time, for
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placed between the muscles and the spines of the verte-
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Zechariah (A. D. 850-932), the earliest and most original
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confidence that menstruation will come back as soon
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Dissolve separately in 1 or 2 pints of water; the amount is not
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yet been determined. Some assume that it is merely a diminution of the self pro-
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higher income, exempt from federal taxes — without
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after-pains were somewhat less than was common for her to
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dealing with a small affair — one which requires little skill or thought —
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as readily as if it had breathed longer, and had then
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it to flow from the nostril, so obscuring the view of the operator.
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seriously ill at his home, 3509 Olive street, St. Louis. He has been suffer-
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because it "expresses the simple fact, or a pathological state, and involves no
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mental idiosyncrasies which seem to indicate that they are fit
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fracture de I'extremitf interne de la clavicule. Bull.
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ployed as a sedative for irritable cough, and to relieve th©
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exerts on many kinds of free amoebae, say that it acts in
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seems to have the same appearance and odor as ichthyol. What
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teas to restore perspiration, should be taken warm to be effectual.
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starvation. Such deaths are usually exceedingly distressing, because the
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latter embraces articles that not. only do this, but at the
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to the use of blisters he employed them too timidly, applying