prising, and economical management, the large success of the Com-
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takes place, and thus when placenta and membranes are
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diffuse redness may exist alone or in combination with other results
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summer of 1862, as a designation for a class of cases in which
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Asthenopia in Normal Befiraetion. — Dr. O. D. Pom-
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Case 119. — Of the same doscription ; some improvement
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tS. J- / r J' f /^\// /g /J /-t^ /^ // /r // /r 2^/ J!? g^J±£±3^£j^^j^ae,3/ s^33 3-!r 3^ Ji i^isili ^c ^/ <^
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tion to the following points : (I) All forms of tetanus are
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febrile symptoms. In many instances, particularly if the weather
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came under observation after the discovery of the nature of the illness
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basis of therapeutical knowledge is clinical experience. It
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noons, at f»tur o clock I'.M., commencing on Tliursday,
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Average number of diarrhoeas per day and person. 0.7
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Widal test are by C. A. Elsberg,'s Chas. F. Stokes,'^ Pughesi'^ E.
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Inflammatory — Influenza — Insanity; Acute Con-
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