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surgeon, and he also visits the villages in the neighbourhood.
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bued, as it were, with the poisonous juice, was in a state of tumefac-
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Valentin, and other German and French Anatomists, describe very
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equally severe penalty" — with that which they would extort from their
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selves in force until the autumn of 1865 ; and then the Committee were
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Lowestoft, Harwich and Dovercourt, Walton-on-the-Naze, Southend,
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o'clock. Sir \V. G. Armstrong, C.B., gave a banquet to about two
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Wounded. They have much in their power to do good in this way,
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—notwithstanding all, it is impossible that the Medical Council should
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town. The representatives now elected might render great assistance
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minoid particles should be able to resist the influence of adverse ex-
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Charing Cross Hospital— Mr. Hancock — October 3rd, S p.m.
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health up to January 7th, 1870, on which day, whilst engaged in house-
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Poor-law medical officers in Ireland, this would produce £\2'^ per an-
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pressure to which the tumours had been subjected, which set up a low
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was a man on whom tracheotomy had been performed five days
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that the Candidates have been examined and approved in at least the
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a'^ain, however, about 2 p.m., as the contractions were as bad as ever.
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service, in consequence of their tendency to split up the student's
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guished and highly valued members. Among them must be named Sir J.
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the single Licence of the College of Physicians, Edinburgh ; the Licence
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sea-air on disease. I hasten, therefore, to give a brief outline of my
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which they may be illustrated. Laws of the Motion of Falling Bodies. Hydrosta-
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day, October 20th, at I P.M., and be continued on Tuesdays, Thurs-
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vented by the outward current of liquid ; but, when the vomiting and
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depots, resorting of it, at Coblenz, Mainz, Mannheim, and, depending
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persistent and fatal epidemic, it is an urgent duty, which should be near
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For the First Examination — I. Of having passed an Examination in
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tion the subject of cancer, which has no analogies with the diseases to
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sleep in the various cases ; (*) the length of time which elapses before
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present were Mr. Lane, Dr. Handfteld Jones, F.R.S., Dr. Sieveking,
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the laws, or by unremedied sanitary defects. Instances of the spread-
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instruction had been derived ; and they would be able to study the
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dent, and delivered an introductory address. Instead of, as has gene-
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house-painter, a man of healthy constitution, but of late reduced by
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new growths which originate on or in the eyeball. No other organ
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that from defective sewer-ventilation and other causes, typhoid fever pre-