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amination, however difficult ; but no great harm is done by this. The

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dence in favour of the normal balance of organic function having been

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23^.— An abscess was discovered, pointing at the summit of the head,

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control whatever over medical practitioners. Not one of us is in the

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attribute the preponderance of cases of infection to inhalation and ab-

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uterus treated by bromine, 52; of femur and lung. 88;

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fective education and attainments" of those who "still enter the profes-

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spent in walking and riding has been increased, thus

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can be found a complete and well-selected assortment of Hard Rubber Covered

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the mucous membrane covering these parts. Dr. Morell Mackenzie

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180 ; Dr. Johnson on sulphuric acid in, 211 ; Mr. T. R.

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may indeed be considered its originator, I shall first describe his method

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had felt, on a sudden movement of the foetus, a snap in the uterus like the

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of the current quarter, the weekly average of deaths from small-pox

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manner your convictions on these occasions. When you find it necessary,