I. STUTTERING. Definition. A spasmodic affection of the muscles
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an attack of chicken pox early in January, without fever or apparent ill-
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predisposing causes of epistaxis. A determining cause
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on the whole, enlarged, is of a light fawn or dirty white colour.
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Percussion and auscultation signs, however, are uninfluenced.
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ment is the degenerate representative of the hyo-epiglottic jnuscle so
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disorder and confusion, and are not in a condition to give
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that by verifying his results he may attain an exactitude in
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first implicated, if not relieved, soon draws into its train oth-
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(entomological , or Carlsbad pins) , the points of which have been ham-
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takes place. Then the dilatation presently causes a
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cestode infection. On the other hand, that tapeworm infection may result
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exclusively adopted, and the treatment founded on it as too severe,
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an experimental therapy, but some centers are currently
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greatly dilated, and with the portal veins, which were also dilated,
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freely issues from the mouth, when it is firmly corked. On re-
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having been recently infected. No satisfactory accounts are given of
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of Shantung is in the drainage area of the Yellow Eiver which, owing
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Clinical Diagnosis. — Appendicitis with acute spreading peritonitis.
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true and large physiological and psychological meaning, and to
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irregular finger-like masses. Mytotic figures in the attached endothelial cells are
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bone is possible. When the great toe is held at the
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many of them were local. Among the poor in all towns
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In not a single case was the muscular weakness absent in the lower
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but in Bright's disease it descends to 1024, 1020, and even to 1013.
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revealed the fact that the supposed cancer was nothing more than a
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ear alone, are doing good ser\ice and are abundantly attended by charity