hospital arrangements, so far as circumstances will permit, are excel-
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preparation in preventing colic and in disguising the taste.
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anaesthesia (p. 301). Chloroform and ether are frequently
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tion of the Medical Director of the Corps, three medical officers, who will be the ope-
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soft and of uniform temperature, are equally well su])plicd by tho
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many physicians are too much afraid of using nourishing diet in
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Aas I'leodiuir from the noso, and that, alter sonic two weeks, these
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Uses Internal. — Benzoic acid is sometimes given in
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observation of these cases, that leaving the head of tlie humerus,
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fibres and diminishing the irritation produced by secre-
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Fluidextractum Nucis Vomicce. Fluidextract of Nux Vomica.
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force of the disease is so great as to destroy life within twelve hours ;
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....;ark — for the years 1848-52 inclusive — and during this time I
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epithelium, which are presumed to be ganglion-cells, like those which
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thorough report upon the epidemic of smallpox at that time prevalent
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connection that grease alone will kill lice and other parasites
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" Dr. Charles E. Ware remains here, and will be followed in succes-
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Oct. 4th. — A fragment of the malar bone was removed by the
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"The reorgain'zation of this important department of the military
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na. Moderate use of alterative treatment was ^largely reinforced
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tween 40 and 60 years, 1-5— above 60 years, 9. Born in the United States, 44 — Ireland, 24 —
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Xiinseed, linseed meal or farina lini is the best substance to
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fever, pulse, state of the tonsils and extent of the exudation, with
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bones of very longf durati<u), and because the attection of th(; bone in
fact they had observed, for anything that we now know, we might
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of the brain were noticed to be congested in two instances, in the
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in the first Incision he divided only the skin and subcutaneous tissue
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little which appeared towards the end — evidently did not suffer
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became lost in the disease. The axillary vein was stuffed with the
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ing proportions, is a more efficient preparation. Oil of
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drugs marked with an asterisk have been found by clinical
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bromidum are also official. These salts are given in the same doses as
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takes the genitive in lis, physostigmatis. Folia (leaves), pi.
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smallest fatal dose reported in man. Amounts larger than
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will do the latter no harm, and the calomel still less, for it rarely
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diurese with mellaril and lasix
of Cruveilhier's observations. In his two cases he found them atro-
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Timen the result of some experiments made by himself with the hypo-
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oxygen, and carbouic dioxide, and change to greenish-yellow
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zine to the hypochlorites and to iodine- and bromine-water, acts both to
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brain were veiy obscure, and their development very gradual.
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, who would be willing to serve their country if they could
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the tongue from formation of the sulphide. In the stomach
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late peristalsis in some degree. Large doses cause painful
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and to be had at little or no expense. Let our candidates for gradua-
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